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Language: regional, business & lifestyle June 24, 2008

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The languages we speak define how others see us. The way we articulate our point of view is a major component of the persona that others understand to be you & me. By language I mean not only our regional language (English, Chinese, French, Spanish, etc.) but also the business and lifestyle languages we speak.

I am a woman who grew up in the last half of the 20th century on the East Coast in New Jersey and worked in the theatre until I moved west. Thru these experiences I speak Jersey, Broadway, NYC, feminism & cycling. Since moving to Seattle, I’ve worked with technology and returned to crafting and my language set has grown to include computer, Seattle, MicroSpeak, knitting, marketing, Web 2.0, Facebook, fly-fishing, quilting and motherhood.

The more languages we let others hear, the better, more informed picture they have of who we are. Becoming “dimensional” to others allows them to better articulate their point of view by giving them tools to create bridges to our understanding. The other day I met an engineer at the office. Knowing very little about each other it was more difficult to understand each other and no real connection was made. I’m not a deeply technical person and he is not a marketer, yet when I mentioned going fly fishing, we discovered a common language and then several others (rafting, dog). We can now use these lifestyle languages to have a better conversation and understand each other’s point of view.



Hello & Welcome to the Positive Conspiracy! June 4, 2008

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When you change the way you see things, the things you see change.

Life experiences are a major part of how and why we are what and who we present to the world. Our experience crafts us like a sculptor forms clay, especially when we are young. Do you remember the feeling of invincibility when you first learned to ride a bike? You were mobile in a whole new way and that caused you to re-consider your views of the world, it changed your paradigms by pointing out the new asset of being able to get yourself around under your own power.

Being introduced to Asset-Based Thinking was another paradigm shift for me. Raised as the youngest of a large family where RHIP (Rank Has It’s Privileges) ruled, brought a singular focus to understanding the problems as opposed to looking for assets in the problems. Asset-Based Thinking (ABT) asks me to change where I focus my attention and look beyond the challenges to find the hidden opportunities. This small shift can make a seismic difference in your life, it has in mine.

The Positive Conspiracy is a collective name for the group of people who have embraced their assets and the assets around them and want to share the joy with others. Please join us to bring more positivity to the world!